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Website Designers - Internet Developers - Search Engine Specialists

Great website designs combine great looks, easy navigation and top search engine placement to make your website work for your business, bringing potential customers to your business website and a Great Return on Investment (ROI).

Websites of all kinds: 
     Fishing Guides - Pros
     Fishing Resources
     Fishing Communities
     Hunting Preserves
     Private Investigators
     Products - Business


We're here for you..

Raised by Rhoek.com
Raised by Rhoek.com
Fishing Webmaster, LLC.


"Doug has been quick to respond and helped us stay consistently in the TOP 3 pages of search engines."  Steve - EW Properties

"Doug's personal visits & professionalism, easy access, always available.  (We) need fewer ads - Post hours & specials (online)  re:  seasons etc."  Paul - Mother Nature and Company

"Doug is the sh--.  Knows his stuff and treats me great.  My web site is 'the' driving force in my business."  Joel - Top Tackle Guide Service

  I am sending you this e-mail on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Great Northern Classic Rodeo.  We are very happy with our website and also the service you have given us.  We have been given a lot of positive feed back from our rodeo spectators, and our attendance has improved.  I'm sure we are reaching many more rodeo fans with our website.
  You have also been very easy to work with and are always there when I need a "little help" in updating information, adding new pictures, or whatever.  I would highly reccomend Fishing Webmaster to anyone. 
Thank you Doug for all your ideas, help and support.

Denise Midbrod
Great Norhtern Classic Rodeo

As internet developers,  website designers AND Search Engine Specialists we build business and outdoors websites that work.

Fishing Webmaster, LLC.
Technical Support:



Web Position certified by the JER Group for Search Engine Optimization and Website placement

We are Web Position certified by the JER Group for Search Engine Optimization and as Website Placement Specialists.  


The International Webmasters Association 
Member of the International Webmasters Association.

The HTML Writers Guild

Member of the HTML Writers Guild.




We build your website with placement in mind, leading to top positions in the top search engines. Placement is location and the right location will get you connected with the right target audience.




Online Success Requires the right Content, Graphics, & Search Engine Placement

Once your site is finding your niche group is it converting sales?

Eliminate 93% of competing web sites through search engine optimization (SEO).  Simply building and submitting websites won't make you money anymore -- those days are gone!

It's true, only 7% of websites are visible in the first three pages of search engine results pages and found by 78% of searchers.  In fact, most won't go beyond the first page of search engine results pages (SERP's).  You don't have to sit in in obscurity, losing market share, customers, and money.  Search engine optimization can get your site placed and found.

Have your site placed in the top 10, become visible, and start reaping the rewards.

Not only can you be one of the 7% that is found in the first three pages of search engine results pages (SERPs), we can help you achieve rankings in the top 10 of various search engines.

Hire certified specialists in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization must be done by professionals that follow search engines continuously, study their algorithms, and test.  Fishing Webmaster does all this and tests thoroughly using many of their own websites. Using special software, Fishing Webmaster is able to track and follow changes in rankings to keep your site optimized.

Certified for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Website Placement, our staff has been developing and placing websites since the Internet first came online.  Our experts in web development and website design have extensive knowledge of numerous programming languages that include:  HTML; ASP; PHP; Javascript, VBScript, DNN, and XML.

They can place a database in MySQL, MS-SQL, or MS-Access on your site to suit your individual/business needs.  They can also assist you in setting up your blog, RSS feeds, and Paypal accounts.

How to deal with changes in ranking procedures by Search Engines

Have you built a website after learning software, writing content, trying various marketing tactics, and still aren’t getting the traffic you want?  You aren’t alone.  In fact, you would be in the vast majority or 93% to be exact.  And just when you thought you finally got it down right, the search engines changed everything again.  How can you manage the many jobs you have as a businessperson and still find time to stay on top of search engine changes?  We went through the very same thing when we decided to start a business in website design, development, and placement.  Our problem wasn’t with the computer end, but with the many other aspects of being a business.  When we did this for fun, we didn’t have to file taxes, keep books, register our name, design a logo, market, etc.  There comes a point where a person can only wear so many hats.

A study by StatMarket.com showed that 93% of websites aren’t ranked within the first three pages returned for searches. This is problematic because 78% of web users abandon their search if the first 3 pages don't provide an answer to their question, and 28% don't scroll past the 2nd page of results (IProspect survey – 2002).

We have been doing this since the beginning, but every time a search engine changes the process it uses to determine rankings, we must relearn the secrets.  This means running page rankings and testing different approaches.  If you don’t do this full-time, it would be nearly impossible to stay on top of it.

Fishing Webmaster owns many of its own sites that it consistently places high in search rankings.  These sites allow them to test new techniques and placement strategies.  Fortunately, most search engines have already made the biggest changes to their ranking processes.  From here on out the changes will be much smaller, and allow placement specialists to use the numerous techniques they know to achieve better rankings.

Benefits of Optimization

  • It’s necessary, because the majority of search engine users will not look behind three pages for results.  If you are on the fourth page or worse, very few people will find you.
  • More traffic (hits) to your site.  Increased traffic gives you more opportunities to make sales.  When optimization is complemented with the right content and marketing, the sales conversions and success of the website is “truly optimized.”
  • “True Relevance.”  More credible search results connect you with “real” prospects.  Higher numbers of visitors are only good if they fit your “targeted group.”  How many cars do you think you would sell if people came to your lot looking for televisions?  These “select” prospects are found through the right keywords or keyword phrase you are optimized for.
  • Increased ease of use.  Customers will be able to find what they want quickly.  This is critical because online users are very quick to click away if they lose interest or can’t find what they want quickly.
Website marketers cited Search engine positioning as the top method to drive traffïc to their sites (66%) (Direct Marketing Association).

“We find that Web sites have three seconds to make an impression.” – Jeff Rosenblum, co-founder and research and strategy director of Questus.

If you have a website, you already know that it takes more than a great idea to make it big on the Internet.  It means being found when and where your customer looks for you.  If your site isn’t ranked high in the search engine, thousands, even millions, of potential customers may be passing you by, finding your rival instead.  Your competitor may be cashing in already through search engine optimization. 

Optimization is the most effective and cheapest process to increase traffic to your site.  This traffic will include a much higher percentage of the targeted group you’re after because optimization is built with them in mind.  No business survives without proper placement and search engine optimization is placement on the Internet.  Location is everything, offline and online.

Search Engine Optimization isn’t as expensive as you might think

Do-It-Yourselfer for your existing website:

Our SEO specialists will spend up to two hours reviewing your websites main pages and desired keywords.  Based on these findings, we will recommend ways to improve your website's placement.  You can then use these to update your website and improve your website's positions in the search engines.  This option is only $200.00. 

Custom Placement Tuning to an existing website:

Fishing Webmaster SEO specialists will review main pages and desired keywords.  From this analysis, you will receive detailed recommendations to improve your website's placement.  If you desire, we will make these changes for $99 per hour.  We guarantee an improvement in your website's position in the search engines for the agreed upon keyword phrases or you pay nothing.  That’s right, nothing with no strings attached.

Custom Fishing Webmaster Website with placement included:

At Fishing Webmaster, we design websites with placement (Search Engine Optimization) as the primary objective.  Website setups vary depending on the complexity, number of pages and how much work you want to do yourself.  Prices for website setups range from a one-time fee of $759 and up.  From then on, hosting is just $360 a year and hourly for any major changes.  Any custom databases, programs, and e-commerce would be extra and at a $99/hour rate.

*All packages include:

  • Domain Name Registration
  • Website Design and Layout
  • ½ hour of site maintenance and updates
  • Periodic DotNetNuke (DNN) updates, which include custom applications.
  • Search engine optimization (placement) on homepage:  1 keyword, 5 secondary keywords.
  • Site submission, semi-annually, to 2,000 search engines (Yahoo, Google, etc..)

Free E-book – “Search Engine Optimization, Web Site Design and Development, and Online/Offline Promotion”

This book, valued at $19, shows you how the successful integration of these components will maximize your traffic and sales conversions.  It’s yours free when you order now.  We want you to succeed so badly, we’re willing to share our secrets and knowledge about online/offline success with you – for free.

Act now to avoid wasting any more time and money

If you have a website, you’ve already paid for a webmaster or software, like FrontPage.  You probably bought additional software to upload your site into the search engines.  Likewise, you’re paying hosting charges to your service provider, after already paying for a domain name or names.  You’ve spent a ton of money, and this is in addition to the ton of time you’ve spent planning, designing, and producing your website.  Just updating the content is time consuming in itself.  If you aren’t getting back the return you’re looking for, it’s time to get it through Search Engine Optimization.  After all, few of us are spending a great deal of our personal time and money to scrape by.

Placement Requires An Experienced Professional

If at any time you wish to end placement services, you pay only for those services already completed.  We stand behind everything we do, just ask any of our many clients.

Placement is an ongoing, time-consuming process requiring constant attention.  Search engines are consistently changing the process in which they rank sites.  Placement is a highly competitive where the better-placed site determines who gets the hits and who doesn’t.  You need someone who has done this for a long-time, has the right tools, and has shown they are successful.

Fishing Webmaster combines the experience of years of website design and placement, with current research results to give you the best website possible.  Using this knowledge and experience, we’ve brought many sites from the graveyard to thriving new life.

Our services will pay for themselves over-and-over again.  We know they work because we’ve used them ourselves, and for hundreds of others, successfully for many years.

Put your Money and Time towards your Dream – not for fee’s that go nowhere!

Placement is in such high demand, that you have to act now to ensure your site is placed soon.  All work is completed on a first in, first out basis. 

Fishing Webmaster – “We bring it all together!”

Fishing Webmaster designs and develops web sites that are optimized for search engine placement.  Their experienced certified placement specialists stay current on all changes in search engine algorithms, placement techniques, and advances in web site design.

“We build successfully placed websites, your way, to optimize your opportunity for success!”

A thriving, dynamic website is dependent on the right programming, content, and promotions.  You want and need to gather information on your customers through an interactive process (bulletin boards, opt-in newsletters, and blogs).  You also want to capture and analyze the hits on your site to determine the path of future marketing.

  • We can help you achieve your dreams through the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Placement, Web Development, Web Site Design, and Hosting services we offer.
  • We program in HTML, ASP, PHP, Javascript, VBScript, DNN, XML, and more…
  • We can set up your database in MySQL, MS-SQL, or MS-Access.
  • We can help you structure your content correctly on the home page
  • We can also assist you in setting up your blog, RSS feeds, and paypal accounts.

Get started now by calling us at (218) 390-9973 or emailing dpirila@yahoo.com.  We'll discuss your project and give you a free estimate.  You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain, so call now.  When you succeed we succeed!

International Webmasters Association member.  Fishing Webmaster takes being webmasters seriously and as professionals.

The Fishing Webmaster Staff
Douglas Pirila, Marvin Pirila
106 2nd Street
Proctor, Minnesota 55810

JER Search Engine Specialists, Website Placement certified professional.  Placement experts working to get your website top positions in the search engines.

P.S.  Call Fishing Webmaster when you’re ready to crush your competitors online.  Reserve your spot today to optimize your web site and increase your market share.  Fishing Webmaster makes every effort to optimize one site in each niche or market.  Sign up today so we are optimizing yours instead of the competitors.  Beat your competition to optimization today!

P.P.S.  Earn your optimization for free by referring other businesses to Fishing Webmaster.  Refer a Company or web site that does business with us and receive $100 for each.  No limit!


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